Business Consulting

Exporting and making the excellence of Made in Italy appreciated in the world, bringing foreign companies and investors to invest (after reforming justice, bureaucracy and infrastructures) in our country, launching new ethical and sustainable brands in Italy with high added value product lines for consumers.

– Business Consulting Mission


Marketing Consultancy

Marketing consultancy for the launch / relaunch of Excellent Brands / Product Lines of Italian and foreign companies on the Italian market on the different distribution channels (GDO food & non food, Perfumeries, Pharmacies, Cosmetics, Household appliances, etc).

Export Consultancy

Export consultancy for the launch / relaunch of Made in Italy Brands / Products of Excellence on foreign markets on premium distribution platforms of our partners.

Marketing Consultancy
for Sport

Sports Marketing Consultancy to sports clubs in the Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Rugby, Water Polo sectors, to sustainably increase the revenue share of company budgets (with respect to financial Fair Play) due to advanced marketing and merchandising techniques applied to sport.

Financial restructuring and / or post-crisis relaunch of the company

Financial restructuring and / or post-crisis relaunch (COVID-19) of the company, both with direct access to the market / investors disintermediated by the Credit Community (Minibond, Crowdfunding, Fund Raising), and by means of subsidized public finance (see Resilience and Resistance Plan – Recovery Plan), aimed at a successful relaunch of the company on the market.


Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy with Brand Equity-Line of products to be launched through:
  1. Innovation / R & D with Procter & Gamble “Consumer Based Innovation Funnel” methodology to innovate / optimize / customize ranges of Products and Brands of Excellence. From identification of consumer needs to final consumer tests in direct comparison with the main competitors in the segment to validate the product, brand, packaging and sell-out price developed for them.
  2. Research and analysis on the launch market (SWOT analysis), on segment competitors, on consumers / distributors from a B2C / B2B perspective.

Business Plan

Investment Budget, Launch Business Plan and field supervision alongside the company in their implementation in compliance with the budget.

Marketing Mix Plan

Launch Operational Marketing Mix Plan (the 5 P’s) with sharing / supervision with the network of partners specialized in the levers provided for by the Marketing Mix: Digital Marketing, Web Communication / ADV | Social PR & Press Office | Promotional activity in store | Local & Street Marketing.

Sales and Distribution Plan

Sales (or Export) and Distribution Plan: commercial plan with definition of the Fundamentals of Sales in Italy (Export) and the related physical and / or virtual distribution plan on the target distribution channels of the launch market in question.

Business organization and human resources

Business organization and human resources: creation / restructuring of the company’s management team in the field of Innovation-Marketing-Sales (Export) and or creation / restructuring of the company’s Sales Agents Network: interviews and selection / identification, orientation plan and training path, activities Team Building and Empowerment (empowerment of staff), field supervision of the sales network.


Financial organization: restructuring of any corporate debt, use of subsidized finance for EU Next Generation funds – Recovery Plan, disintermediation from the ineffective Credit Community with direct access to the free market of private investors in the capital of SMEs (minibond), use of digital finance (crowdfunding and targeted online fund raising).

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