Territorial Marketing

We contribute to supporting the newborn Ministry of Tourism with a portfolio in the post COVID relaunch to create a tourism industry in Italy (food and wine, holiday, cultural), through a territorial marketing plan to enhance our artistic and natural wonders to attract greater number of tourists in every season from every corner of the planet.

– Territorial Marketing Mission


Consultancy for public bodies and private companies

“Turnkey” Territorial Marketing Consultancy to Public Bodies and Private Companies to convey their brands in Italy and abroad, attracting tourists through the competitive enhancement of the local area system (territorial networks):

  1. Cultural Territorial Marketing Consultancy aimed at attracting qualified cultural tourism through the enhancement of the protected cities, monuments and art sites of the beautiful country.
  2. Tourist Territorial Marketing Consultancy aimed at attracting holiday tourism (mountains, sea, valleys, lakes, countryside) and food and wine tourism through the enhancement of our natural wonders and our Mediterranean food / wines / oils / drinks.

Consultancy for
investor attraction

Territorial Marketing Consultancy for Investors Attraction aimed at attracting reliable foreign investors (who create real employment, pay taxes here and generate wealth in our territory, not intended as a sale of Italian companies and brands without any profit for our country ) through the enhancement of our resources, skills, offers with high added value of the various territories, but even beforehand by guaranteeing them with adequate reforms on justice that enforces the rules, on the simplification of the bureaucratic jungle and contracts, and on both physical infrastructures than digital.

Consultancy contribution to the newborn Ministry of Tourism

Territorial marketing consultancy contribution to the newborn Ministry of Tourism to create a real Italian Tourism Industry, in order to generate, as per Italy’s real potential, tourist volumes 10 times higher than the current ones, diversified by tourist segments, well planned and organized continuously over the 4 seasons to maximize Italy’s tourism GDP throughout the year for the next decades (out of booking in the 4 seasons for 5-6 years), generating wealth for all tourist accommodation and catering facilities, so dramatically affected by the crisis COVID, for the enormous induced behind them and therefore for the whole country.


Consultancy for public bodies and private companies

Tourism Marketing Strategy of the client company (private SME or public body):

  1. Procter & Gamble “Consumer Based Innovation Funnel” methodology to innovate / optimize / customize the range of tourism services offered and your own Brand of Excellence. From identification of the needs of the target tourist to the final tests on target tourists in direct comparison with the main competitors in the tourism segment to validate the tourist services offered, the brand and the price developed for them.
  2. Research and analysis on the tourism market (SWOT analysis), on segment competitors, on target tourists / tour operators customers in a B2C / B2B perspective.

Business Plan

Investment Budget, Launch Business Plan and field supervision alongside the company in their implementation in compliance with the budget.

Tourism Marketing Mix Plan

Tourism Marketing Mix strategy and operational plan aimed at leveraging Cultural Marketing for the enhancement of territories, with subsequent implementation through our specialized partner Marketing Italia (VISIT.ITALY).

Challenge formulates for its customers all the cultural marketing strategies for attracting foreign tourists and investors to Italy and then implementing one of the Marketing Mix levers operating exclusively through Marketing Italia.

The Territorial Marketing platform of our strategic partner Marketing Italia (Visit Italy, Visit Naples and Visit Venice) is the N1 portal in Europe in Tourism, committed to the promotion and enhancement of Italian territories, typical products, cultures and excellence.

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